Greetings from the President

Welcome to Saitama University, an internationalizing Japanese national university. Whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, a would-be exchange student or professor from an overseas partner university, or an organizational leader seeking to collaborate with a premier research institution in Japan, I do hope you to enjoy exploring this website to know more about our university and to join us.

“Saitama University, All in One Campus at Metropolitan Area Saitama – Embodiment of Diversity, Synergy and Integration” is the vision of Saitama University (SU). Over the past 65 years since it was established in 1949 as a small national university comprising only two schools, SU has grown into a middle-sized university with five undergraduate schools and three graduate schools in the academic fields of liberal arts, economics, education, science and engineering. The university is distinctive in that all the schools are located together on the lush green campus in the city of Saitama, just north of Tokyo. This is advantageous in many respects, being conducive to research and learning in the integrated fields of humanities and science, academic and student lives, and cultural activities.

SU is now adding to its brightness still more by pushing forward two functional enhancements. The first is the base reinforcement as an intellectual institution by extensively enhancing the functions of research and education for global human resource cultivation, based on the mission of the university being the creation and succession of intellect. As a research institution, we have established the Strategic Research Division with the URA Office, consisting of three research areas of Life & Nano-Bio Science, Green & Environmental Science, and Sensitivity Recognition Support Science, and, as a result, the researches advance steadily and achieve some good results. The plan of enhancing the educational function also advances smoothly. The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences was reorganized in 2015 for bringing up global leaders, and we newly started a teaching profession graduate program in the Graduate School of Education in 2016 for training practically competent teachers. Furthermore, the Lab-to-Lab graduate student exchange program runs currently in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering based on research collaboration with counterpart professors in partner universities.

The second is the self-branding as Saitama University by aggressively taking a role of regional centers to activate the metropolitan area around Saitama. SU promotes a concrete utilization of the intellect by the industry-university-government collaboration to provide for the solution to the concerns of our time, and takes the communication with the regional community positively to cultivate talented human resources depending on social needs.

In October 2015, we received the exciting news on winning the Nobel Prize in Physics of Dr. Takaaki Kajita who graduated from Department of Physics, SU, in 1981. All the members, namely the faculties, staffs, students and alumni, were very glad of this splendid achievement and proud of SU. While in SU, Dr. Kajita was active both in studies and sports, especially in Kyudo, the Japanese art of archery, and enjoyed encountering a variety of studies, professors and friends. His free and vigorous four years in the SU campus unrelated to the urban noise might have led him to the way to a researcher and to a tidemark of winning the Nobel Prize. Furthermore his unassuming personality and steady research-style could be closely related to sound SU tradition. SU continues to provide high quality education, research, and social contribution proudly from now on.

Hiroki Yamaguchi, Dr. Eng.
President, Saitama University