Housing and Cost of Living


All exchange students from overseas partner universities are given priority to move into our student on-campus housing, International House (I-House). I-house is located on campus with a two-minute walking distance from the main buildings And most importantly, we think of the safety of our students with 24 hours security guards.

Each exchange student will live in a single room.  Each room is equipped with bath/shower, restroom, air conditioner, Internet access (you will need your own LAN cable), and telephone. The room is NOT equipped with either kitchen utensils (pans, plates, forks etc…) or bedding (blanket, sheets and pillow).  Bed linen will be provided upon prior request with the monthly charge of 2,700 Japanese Yen, or can be purchased at the shopping facilities which are within easy reach from the campus.

For more details, visit :  Live in international House

Cost of Living

Estimated expenses including room and board, recreational and incidental expenses is approximately 80,000 JPY a month.  Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover yourself for the duration of your stay in Japan.  Exchange students should expect to spend approximately 1,000,000 yen for a year-long study and 500,000 yen for a six-month study.

Estimated monthly expenses

 Room (I-House)

20,000 Yen


20,000 Yen


30,000 Yen

 National Health Insurance

1,500 Yen

You should expect to pay other expenses which may vary depending on the student’s personal preferences and needs.