【Deadline: May 31】The opportunity to take Summer Program courses

Dear STEPS students and SU students

Saitama University is offering a 4-week Summer Program and 24 participants from SU’s partner universities abroad will stay at SU campus from June 11th to July 6th.

We would also like to offer STEPS students and SU students the opportunity to take Summer Program courses. You can earn 1 or 2 credits for the courses. See attached files for details of the Summer Program courses.

Please note that we might not be able to accommodate your registration if the numbers of registered students exceed the capacity of the classrooms.

If you have registered a regular course in the same period, you cannot register a Summer Program course. Please note that each Summer Program course will take place twice a week.

If you would like to take Summer Program courses, please submit (1) and(2) to the Office of International Affairs between May 25th (Fri) and May 31st (Thu), 8:45 to 16:45.
(1) Course Schedule and Registration (attached below)
(2) Your course schedule which you may be printed out from “Saitama University Information System  

(1)Course Schedule and Registration 
(2)Course Syllabus

Office of International Affairs, Saitama University
Email: kokusai@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp