3rd COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination at Saitama University without advance reservation(May 27)

Saitama University conducted the survey on the 3rd workplace vaccination at Saitama University. The response period has already ended, but those who did not wish to be vaccinated in the survey will be able to be vaccinated at the following date and time

【Date】May 27 (Friday)
【Time】9:30 ~ 11:00    or   13:30 ~ 16:00

Please note that you will be asked to wait for a while after the reception.
If the number of applicants reaches the number requested in the morning or afternoon, the reception will be closed even during the registration time.
Please be sure to read the following precautions.

Precautions on the day of vaccination
・Please take your temperature at home before the vaccination, and refrain from receiving the vaccination if you have a fever or are sick.
・On the day of the vaccination, be sure to bring the following three items with you.
  ⓵Vaccination ticket
  ②Pre-medical checkup sheet
  ③Identification documents (student ID, health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.)
・Pre-medical checkup sheet (if you can fill it out in advance)
・Please wear clothes that can easily show your shoulders, as the vaccination will be administered to your upper arm.
・If you forget your vaccination ticket, you will not be able to receive the vaccination.

■Reference (Japanese)
・Saitama Prefecture
・Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

■Contact Information
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Departmen
E-mail: su-vaccine@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp
TEL: 080-5057-8946