[Announcement] Changes in Scholarship Application Process (Scholarships by Private Organizations for Privately Financed International Students)

In response to the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, Office of International Affairs decided to change the scholarship application process as follows.


Applicable Scholarships

All scholarships required to apply through the Office of International Affairs

How to Apply

All of the following must be successfully completed to complete your



1. Scan ALL the documents in PDF file and attach the soft copy to the

   mail and send it to the Office of International Affairs :   


   However, if the form is in Excel or Word file, attach the file as is.


 ※Student ID and Residence Card may be sent by photo, but must be

    attached along with the other documents (do NOT paste the photo

    directly to the mail).


2. E-mail must be sent with the title, “XXXX Scholarship Application /

   your name”. Please be sure to write your name and student ID number in

   the mail.

   If you are out of Japan having trouble coming back due to the

   restrictions on Entry and Departure in response to COVID-19, please

   indicate your current situation.


3. Deadline for each scholarship must be strictly observed . If the mail is

   sent after 11:00 on the application due date, the application will be



4. When the application is accepted, a confirmation mail will be sent to

   you within 1 business day.


5. Applications will be declined if not correctly completed and submitted.

   If there is any problem in your application, notice mail will be sent and

   the application will be considered as incomplete.  All missing documents

   must be resubmitted by the application deadline. If you fail to submit any

   of the required documents by the deadline, the application will NOT be


   Please remember that your documents may be incomplete.  We

   strongly suggest you to submit your application documents prior to the

   due date.


6. Applicants who have passed the screening will be required to later

   submit their original documents.


Place to Submit /


Office of International Affairs  

E-mail : ryugaku@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp            TEL : 048-858-3011


* Click hereこのリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます for scholarships currently available to apply (as of March 18, 2020)