Obligation to Purchase Medical Insurance with the Establishment of the Guaranty System for Hospitalization

  Saitama University has established the “Guaranty System for Hospitalization” as part of its support for international students. Under this system, Saitama University will take on the role of a guarantor when an international student studying at Saitama University is hospitalized due to illness or injury while enrolled at Saitama University and needs a guarantor.


  To use this system, you must have both of the following insurances in addition to the “National Health Insurance”. Since it is not possible to purchase the insurances after being hospitalized, Saitama University, in principle, requires all international students to purchase them in case of emergency.

・Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (“Gakkensai”)
・Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives coupled with “Gakkensai” (“Inbound Futai-gakuso”)


  Only those who have already purchased “Gakkensai” can purchase the “Inbound Futai-gakuso”. If you have not purchased “Gakkensai”, please contact the Student Services Division for details on the procedure.
  To purchase the “Inbound Futai-gakuso”, please read the attached brochure carefully and follow the prescribed payment procedures.

 If you wish to use “Guaranty System for Hospitalization”, please prepare the following documents and submit them together with other required documents to the office of International Affairs.

Documents to be prepared
-     Application for Guaranty System for Hospitalization
-     Pledge
-     Progress Description for Hospitalization

Other required documents
-    National Health Insurance Card (copy)
-    “Inbound Futai-gakuso” policyholder’s Certificate (copy)
-    Documents for Hospitalization (issued by the hospital)


For “Gakkensai” *
      Student Support Division
      Phone: 048-858-3032
      E-mail: saidaisupport@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp

 For “Guaranty System for Hospitalization” and “Inbound Futai-gakuso”
      Office of International Affairs
      Phone: 048-858-3011
      E-mail: ryugaku@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp

 *The Student Support Division is available only in Japanese. Please contact the Office of International Affairs if you have difficulty making inquiries in Japanese.


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