Positive Case of COVID-19 (October 5)

On October 2, Saitama University confirmed the third case of COVID-19.  
Please confirm the below, but kindly understand that we will not disclose any personal information.

1. Symptoms
    October 1: Had a PCR test.  Stayed home as a family member tested positive.
    October 2: Tested positive
    October 3: Staying at a hotel following the instruction of the Saitama City Public Health Center.

2.Due to the Saitama City Public Health Center, no one except the family is identified to have come into close contact. 

3. In line with Saitama City Public Health Center, we have done contact tracing. 

We have confirmed three positive case of COVID-19 including this case. We continue to devote our efforts to prevent the spread of the virus and will continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our students and the community.   

We appreciate your kind understanding.