Scholarship for Privately Financed Students in Saitama University : JEES Scholarship / JLPT (2020FY)

The following scholarship is currently available for Saitama University students to apply.
Please refer to the outline of information listed below. Visit the Office of International Affairs for further information.
Applicants may download the application form and submit the necessary documents to the Office of International Affairs.

Name of Foundation 

JEES Scholarship / JLPT 

Eligibility (as of April, 2020)

・Undergraduate / Master’s / Doctoral Students  

・One who took the JLPTこのリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます N1 exam in July ’19 or Dec. ’19 held in Japan,

    and scored 170 points or above (100 points or above for non-Chinese or

    non-Korean native speakers).

Designated Nationality


Scholarship Amount

50,000 JPY per month

Period of Scholarship

Up to 2 years from April, 2020

Application Deadline

within SU

April 24 (Wed) 2020, 11:00

Place to Submit

Office of Internatioal Affairs

※Scholarship application process has been changed  as follows.

  Click here このリンクは別ウィンドウで開きますfor further information.


All documents may be found in Japanese

Application OutlinePDFファイル

Application GuidelinePDFファイル

Application Formエクセルファイル

Financial StatementPDFファイル


Application in Japanese only


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