Scholarship for Privately Financed Students in Saitama University : NEC C&C Foundation (Grants for Non-Japanese Researchers)

The following grant is currently available for Saitama University students to apply.
Please refer to the outline of information listed below. Visit the foundation website for further information.  Use the application form downloaded from below.
Application information is also available at the Office of International Affairs.

Name of Foundation

 NEC C&C Foundation 

(Grants for Non-Japanese Researchers)

Eligibility (as of April, 2019)

i) Applicant must be a student in a Doctoral course at the beginning  of

   the grant period (April, 2019 or October, 2019).

ii) Applicant must be a non-Japanese citizen who is engaged in research

    in the C&C or related technology fields.  

*C&C fields include those on information-processing technologies,  

   communications technologies, electronic-device technologies, as well

   as field that combine those technologies. 

*Related technologies include general applied technologies in the C&C


Designated Nationality no limitation
Amount per Month 125,000 JPY
Grant Period One year from April or October 2019
Application Deadline September 28th (Fri) 
Place to Submit

Apply directly to the foundation 

Submit hard copy by post mail AND soft copy by e-mail

 ※When applying, please be sure to inform it to the Office of International Affairs.


Application GuidePDFファイル 

Application Formエクセルファイル(Japanese version only)

Foundation Website このリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます


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