Scholarship for Privately Financed Students in Saitama University : Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation

The following scholarship is currently available for Saitama University students to apply.
Please refer to the outline of information listed below. Visit the Office of International Affairs for further information.
Applicants may download the application form and submit the necessary documents to the Office of International Affairs. 

Name of Foundation

 Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation

Application Deadline

【General Application】   September 13th (Thu), 2018 11:00

     <Who can apply> ・Current SU students, including prospective Master’s

                                       students (from  April, 2019)

                                   ・Prospective students admitting from October, 2018

                                        or from April, 2019


【Secondary Application】   October 3rd (Wed), 2018 11:00

     <Who can apply> ・Prospective students admitting from October, 2018

                                        or from April, 2019 ONLY

                                    ・Genrral Applicants who did not pass the screening

                                        are ineligible


※Please refer to the Application Guide for Eligibility


*All may be found in Japanese

Application GuidePDFファイル

Application FormPDFファイル (Total 4 pages)

Research PlanPDFファイル (Total 2 pages)

EssayPDFファイル (Total 2 pages)

Financial StatementPDFファイル

Application Q&APDFファイル

Number of Nominees to be Selected

*Selected by the screeing within the University

<General Application> 31 Total (Nominees from same nationality : not more

                                                       than half of total)

<Secondary Application> ONLY the number of vacancy will be selected 

Where to Submit

Office of International Affairs


 Submission by e-mail will be permitted ONLY for SU students being out

of Japan for summer. Please follow the instruction below.

・Scan ALL the documents in  PDF file  and attach the soft copy to the mail.

・Indicate the date of coming back to Japan in your mail.

・E-mail must be sent with the title “Rotary Application / Name” to the below



*Confirmation mail will be replied within 3 business days.

  Please note that the office will be closed from Aug.11th to 16th

  for summer.


Office of International Affairs

Email :               TEL : 048-858-3011