Scholarship for Privately Financed Students in Saitama University : Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation/2021FY (Preannouncement)

 This is a preannouncement for the application of Rotary Scholarship. The following information is for Saitama University students who wish to apply for 2021 FY. Since the application will take place during the summer break, it is highly recommened to read the information below, not to miss the application procedure and deadline. 

Name of Scholarship

Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet all the following :

1. Non-Japanese, non-permanent resident who will be enrolled in the following years of
    the degree program in Saitama University as of April, 2021:
   (Those who are not currently enrolled in SU must be accepted from Saitama University to

    enroll from October 2020 or from April 2021 at the time of application.)
   ・Undergraduate : 3rd or 4th year
   ・Master’s : 1st or 2nd year
   ・Doctoral : 2nd or 3rd year

2. Self-financed students with “Student” Visa status
    (Other Visa status holders may apply under the circumstance of changing the Visa Status to

    “Student” after being accepted by the foundation)

3. Born after April 1, 1976 (age under 45)

Application Opening

Beginning of August  :  Application will be announced on our website 

Application Period

Eligible applicatns may submit the necessary documents to the Office of International Affairs

starting from the application opening until the following deadline :


【Deadline】   September 29 (Tue), 2020 11:00

     <Number of applicants to be selected as nominees>    around 30

      (The exact number will be announced at the time of application opening) 

Selection Criteria

【University Criteria】

    ・Applicant’s transcript records, financial situation, quality of written essays, etc.

    ・Applicatn’s Japanese proficiency*

      *University will hold interviews as a pre-screening process to the students who are enrolled

  in programs that award academic degress in English.

【Foundation Criteria】

    ・Those who are interested in the activities of Rotary, and willing to cooperate with the

        members of the foundation

    ・Those who are able to communicate in Japanese


Information on 2021FY ApplicationPDFファイル

Application Q&APDFファイル

2020 Application Guideline (Japanese)PDFファイル

Foundation Website

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