Scholarship for Privately Financed Students in Saitama University : The Korean Scholarship Foundation

The following scholarship is currently available for Saitama University students to apply.
Please refer to the outline of information listed below. Visit the Office of International Affairs for further information.
Applicants may download the application form and submit the necessary documents to the Office of International Affairs.

Name of Foundation The Korean Scholarship Foundation
Eligibility (as of April, 2018)

Undergraduate (age under 30)

   Undergraduate applicants must have GPA scores as below in

   their previous academic years.   

 ・1st year students : 3.2 or above using 5.0 GPA scale   

 ・2nd, 3rd, 4th year students : 2.7 or above using 3.0 GPA scale 

Master’s / Doctoral Students (age under 40)

Designated Nationalities Korea / North Korea

Scholarship Amount

per Month

Undergraduate  :  25,000 JPY 

Master’s             : 40,000 JPY 

Doctoral            : 70,000 JPY

Period of Scholarship

1 year from April, 2018

(Application of extension available)

Application Deadline

within SU

April 16th (Mon), 11:00
Place to Submit Office of International Affairs

<All documents below are to be found in Japanese>

Application OutlinePDFファイル

【for Undergraduate】

    Application GuidelinePDFファイル  

    Application Form P.1エクセルファイル     P.2エクセルファイル    P.3エクセルファイル     P.4エクセルファイル

    GPA Calculation Formatエクセルファイル

【for Graduate】

    Application GuidelinePDFファイル 

    Application Form P.1エクセルファイル     P.2エクセルファイル    P.3エクセルファイル     P.4エクセルファイル  

    Research Planワードファイル 

Financial StatementPDFファイル 

Remarks Application in Japanese only


   * Other scholarships currently available to apply (as of February 26,  2018)