Scholarship for Privately Financed Students : Nitori International Scholarship Foundation

The following scholarship is currently available to apply.
Please refer to the outline of information listed below. Visit the foundation website for further information.  
Application information is also available at the Office of International Affairs.

Name of Foundation   Nitori International Scholarship Foundation
Eligibility (as of April, 2018)   Undergraduate / Master’s Students
Designated Nationality  none (Must have “Student” Visa Status in Japan)
Amount per month  110,000 JPY
Scholarship Period  1 year from April, 2018
Application Period  August 21st (Mon) – November 19th (Sun), 2017
How to Apply  Apply online through the Foundation Website below 
Foundation Websiteこのリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます
Download  Application Guidelines (Japanese) 
Remarks  Application in Japanese only (Interview will be held in Japanese)


* Other scholarships’ information currently available (as of August 25, 2017)