Scholarship for Privately Financed Students : RASA’s Financial Assistance (Rural Asia Solidarity Association)

The following scholarship is currently available to apply.

Please refer to the outline of information listed below.

Visit the Office of International Affairs for further information. 

Application forms are also available at the office.

RASA’s Financial Assistance (Rural Asia   Solidarity Association)
Qualifiactions                       (as of April, 2017)

Applicant must be an Asian   student, satisfying one of the following conditions :  

1) 30   years or older                                                                                                     

2) Non-degree research student                                                                                              

3) A refugee or asylum seeker

Designated   Nationality Asian countries
Field of   Study no   limitation 
Amount  100,000 JPY   (total amount)
Application   Deadline May 10th (Wed) 
Place to   Submit

Apply directly to the foundation                                                                                  

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・ Docomo Scholarship for Foreign Students (Application deadline : April 26th)

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