Scholarship for Privately Financed Students : Takazawa Sanjiro International Scholarship Foundation

The following scholarship is currently available to apply.

Please refer to the outline of information listed below.

Visit the Office of International Affairs for further information.

Application forms are also available at the office.

 Takazawa Sanjiro International Scholarship Foundation

Eligibility (As of April, 2017)


Designated   Nationality Asian countries

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Application   Deadline April 11th (The) 13:00
Place to Submit

Office of International Affairs

* Other scholarships currently available to apply (as of March. 21, 2017):

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 ・ Honda Benjiro Engineers Foundation Scholarship (Application deadline: April 10th)

 ・ The Korean Scholarship Foundation (Application deadline : April 18th)

 ・ Takayama International Education Foundation  (Application deadline : April 18th)

 ・ Hashimoto Yasuhiko Asia Africa Scholarship in Japan (Application deadline : April 20th)

・ JEES Scholarship (General) (Application deadline : April 20th)

・ JEES Scholarship (JLPT) (Application deadline : April 20th)

・ Docomo Scholarship for Foreign Students (Application deadline : April 26th)

・ SEIHO Scholarship Foundation (Application period : April 11th~April 25th)