Scholarship for Privately Financed Students :The Kubota Fund (2021FY)

Information on the following grant has been posted.

Please refer to the outline of information listed below.

Visit the foundation website for further information.

Name of Foundation

The Kubota Fund

Eligibility(as of April, 2021)

Undergraduate / Master’s / Doctoral /

Non-degree Research program students     



Applicant must be a national of developing country or born & raised in a

developing region, whose annual GDP per capita is less thanUS$7,000.

Field of Study

Applicant must be (or will have to be) pursuing academic

degree/conducting research projects on a specific engineering

developmenttheme (preferably Civil, Electrical, Agricultural Engineering,

Environment, Energy, or Development Economics).

Scholarship Amount

 80,000 – 100,000JPY per month (Decided by the foundation)

Scholarship Period

1 year from April, 2021

Application Deadline

Postmarked on or beforeJanuary 15 (Fri), 2020

Place to Submit

Apply directly to the foundation

※When applying, please be sure to inform it

to the Office ofInternational Affairs.

Foundation Website


English application is accepted, but must be typed.


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