Samandar Salihi


Nationality: Afghanistan
Course: Master Course
Major: Civil Engineering

After the devastating war, the government of Afghanistan took a comprehensive rebuilding program intended to build new infrastructures and develop human resources. To support these activities many countries and development organization formed a unified fund, out of which Japan is a major contributor. The peace project supported by the government of Japan through JICA (Japan International Co-operation Agency) helps in human resource development in different field that can support the future development of the country.

Under the project I was selected to study at Saitama University in the Structural Dynamics Lab where I am pursuing a Masters Program. As a country Japan and Afghanistan are completely different in culture but the hospitality shown by the Japanese people to support my studies is appreciable. The first few days at the university were different due to my slow adaptability in the new environment. But, as days gone by Saitama University soon became my second home. Here I came to learn and experience many new things from language to technologies, from food habit to new culture. All of these and above all the ever helping attitude of Japanese people cannot be overlooked that has given me the inspiration to complete my studies and serve my nation in future.

Thank you Japan
Samandar Salihi