Academic Information


Each course is 1 credit / 12 hours or 2 credits / 24 hours.


All students are required to take a minimum of 2 courses from the following list.

  1. Exploring the History of Urban Japan (2 credits)
  2. History of Traditional Japan through Film (2 credits)
  3. History of Japan and the Asia-Pacific War Through Film (2 credits)
  4. Global Agenda and International Development in the Japanese Perspective (1 credit)
  5. Japanese Enterprises in Asia(1 credit)
  6. Japanese Language class for absolute Beginners (the first half of A1 of CEFR) / for Beginners(A1 of CEFR) (1 credit)

Course Schedule / Syllabus

  • Course Schedule → Coming Soon
  • Syllabus  → Coming Soon

Activities and Events

Besides the Lectures, you will enjoy various activities and field trips in and around Saitama/Tokyo area.

You will also have opportunities to interact with SU volunteer students. They’re willing to support you during the program. You will learn more about Japan with them.

  • Campus Tour and Welcome Reception
  • Japanese Club Activity Experience
  • Japanese Language Room
  • One Day Trip to Kawagoe
  • Weekend Homestay
  • Farewell Reception

*Themed field trips will also be organized by some classes.

→ Pictures of 2019 Activities (Photo Gallery)