Financial Aid

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarships for Privately Financed International Students

Honors Scholarships are scholarships applicable for privately financed international students (undergraduate students, graduate students and non-degree seeking research students), who have the resident status “Student”, and who fall under neither the classification of Japanese government scholarship students nor students dispatched by foreign governments. Unlike other scholarships, students are expected to apply for the Honors Scholarships in the office of each Faculty. The recruitment period is only in April of each year. However, in the case of a vacancy or additional acceptance of recipients, those who applied in April may be selected as recipients of the scholarships at any time.

Stipend Amount (FY 2017)
  • At the undergraduate level – Monthly stipend of 48,000 yen
  • At the graduate level – Monthly stipend of 48,000 yen
Payment Period
  • 12 months (starting in April in the fiscal year in which students are selected as recipients, and ending in March the following fiscal year)
From Application to Selection of Recipients (FY2017)
  1. At the end of March – Notice of Recruitment (*JASSO– Universities)
  2. At the end of April – Deadline for submitting a recommendation (Universities to *JASSO)
  3. In the middle of June – Notice of screening results (*JASSO – Universities)
  4. In the middle of July – Initial payment of Honors Scholarships (for April, May and June)

* JASSO is an abbreviation of the Japan Student Services Organization.