Greetings from the President

最終写真In April, the Saitama University campus shines brightly with the soft green color of the trees’ new buds and young leaves. The campus, relocated in the riverbed of Arakawa about 50 years ago, was somewhat out of taste, but has become now a rich and beautiful campus in all seasons, because the trees planted by the fifth SU President S. Okamoto 40 years ago has grown. This teaches us the weight of the time flow as a time axis, and the importance of the initial action as an origin of the time axis.

Saitama University will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2019. And, the catchphrase of the 70th anniversary has been set, “Connect to The Future“. “An attraction of SU is to be a bridge connecting people in all positions. For examples, international students and Japanese students, alumni and present students, regional people and SU people are always connected. I want Saitama University to connect this 70-year-old role of connecting people’s hearts to the future.” This is the very nice message from the SU student who proposed the catchphrase.

“Saitama University, All in One Campus at Metropolitan Area Saitama Embodiment of Diversity, Synergy and Integration is the present SU vision. Since it was established in 1949 as a small university comprising only two schools, SU has grown into a middle-sized national university with five undergraduate schools and three graduate schools in the academic fields of liberal arts, economics, education, science and engineering. The university is distinctive in that all the schools are located together on the one campus in Saitama, just north of Tokyo. Under this vision, SU has been adding to its brightness more and more by pushing forward two functional enhancements. The first is the base reinforcement by extensively enhancing the functions of fundamental/applied researches and education for global human resource cultivation, with the university mission being the creation and succession of intellect. The second is the self-branding of SU as a regional centers for activating the metropolitan area around Saitama by the industry-university-government collaboration.

In the Saitama University’s long history, there are many alumni who have been active. Particularly in the last three years, the achievements of three alumni were distinctive in the academic, cultural and artistic fields. It is exactly what SU holds as “All in One Campus” and “Diversity“. The first is Dr. Takaaki Kajita who was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of neutrino mass. He graduated from the Faculty of Science in 1981. The second is Dr. Kazuhiko Komatsu who was chosen as a Cultural Contributor in 2016 in the “Yokai” (specter) culture study. In 1970, he graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts. And the third is “Oil Painter of Snowy Scenery” and a recipient of the Japan Art Academy Prize in 2016, Mr. Yuji Negishi who was elected as a member of the Japan Art Academy in 2017. He graduated from the Faculty of Education in 1961.

All faculty members, students, and alumni are extremely pleased with these achievements, and very proud of Saitama University. SU will continue to cooperate with the same goal in the same way, based on the improvement and satisfaction of each and every one of the members in the Team SU. And SU continues to provide high quality education, research, and social contribution proudly from now on, and connect its history to the future.

April 1, 2018


Hiroki Yamaguchi, Dr. Eng.
President, Saitama University