Graduate Programs

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Conducts comprehensive research in humanities and social sciences and educates students to meet the challenges of a globalizing, information intensive world.

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences consists of the following departments:

  • Department of  Social and Cultural Studies (Master’s program)
  • Department of  Japanese and Asian Studies (Master’s and Doctoral program)
  • Department of  Economics and Management Studies (Master’s and Doctoral program)



For inquiries (in English):

                      TEL:048-858-3319 or 048-858-3320 (in Japan)

                      TEL:+81-48-858-3319 or +81-48-858-3320 (from overseas)


Graduate School of Education

Conducts advanced education and research related to school education and human beings

Cultivates professionals equipped with sufficient capabilities and leadership to enrich Japanese education in the globalized world

URL: *Japanese Only


Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Develops knowledge in respective interdisciplinary fields and brushes up student’s ability to adapt to the latest trends in science and technology, to identify problems and to propose solutions

Takes the initiative in engaging research activities

URL: *Japanese Only


English-medium Programs

International Graduate Program on Civil and Environmental Engineering

Offers Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering/Doctor of Philosophy Degree programs in a broad range of civil and environmental engineering as part of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering,

URL: IGP on Civil and Environmental Engineering

URL: IGP on Environmental Science

URL: IGP on Renewable Energy System Engineering


Other Programs for International Students

Saitama University-RIKEN International Joint Graduate School

Offers Saitama University’s international students the opportunity to enroll in a doctoral program at Saitama University’s Graduate School of Science and Engineering in order to pursue their studies under the supervision of faculty within concurrent appointments at RIKEN and Saitama University. RIKEN will provide its research resources covering the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering, and financial support for a part of the student’s living and accommodation costs. Enrollment is once per year in the autumn.

URL: RIKEN-International Program Associate (IPA)-