Scholarships from Private Organizations for Privately Financed International Students

This page provides information on private scholarships that are currently available.  When we post new information on the start of application, we will announce it on the News & Events” web page and the official Twitter of the Office of International Affairs, Saitama Univerisity.

*Applications and details are subject to change from year to year.

* If you cannot submit a recommendation letter to apply for a scholarship since you do not have an academic supervisor, the “Office of Advising Services for International Students (OASIS)” can write a recommendation letter for you. Please go to OASIS and ask for advice.


Scholarships currently available to apply 

Foundation Deadline Amount Notes
Sato Yo  International Scholarship Foundation

July 4 (Thu) 2024, 11:00

*August 2 (Fri) 2024, 11:00 for Prospective student

Undergraduate: 180,000JYEN

Graduate student:180,000JYEN



KDDI Foundation

July 18 (Thu) 2024, 11:00



*Application in English accepted

Takase Scholarship Foundation

August 1 (Thu) 2024, 11:00



*Application in English accepted, but must attach a Japanese translation

*7/10 update


Atsumi International Foundation

Application Period : 

From September 2 (Mon), 2024 to  September 30 (Mon), 2024 at 17:00




*7/10 update

*JP: Application guidelines are only available in Japanese and the application form should be filled out in Japanese, or if the application form is prepared in a language other than Japanese, a Japanese translation must be attached.

*DA : Students apply directly to the Foundation.

*UR : Applicants must go through an internal screening process and be recommended by the university


Click to download the entire list of scholarships

         2023FY (Stipend payment starting from April 2023)


Please check the Student Support Office website for scholarship applications for the entire university.
(Some scholarships are limited to applicants who are Japanese nationals. For details, please check the application guidelines of each organization or foundation.)