Health & Insurance


If your period of stay in Japan is 3 months or for a short stay, it is recommended that you purchase overseas traveler’s insurance from your home country’s insurance company. If you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for all medical expenses and will have to pay a high cost.

<National Health Insurance>
Foreign nationals who clearly intend to stay in Japan for more than 3 months are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance. However, this excludes those who are covered by the health insurance of their company or employer and those who are entering Japan for the purpose of receiving medical treatment.
If you are enrolled in the National Health Insurance, you will pay 30% of the medical expenses when you receive medical treatment. This insurance also applies to family members living with you. Medical expenses are very expensive in Japan, so please be sure to enroll. To enroll, bring your residence card to the municipal office in the area where you reside.

*High-cost medical care reimbursement
When a person enrolled in the National Health Insurance pays more than a certain amount to a medical institution in a month, the excess amount is reimbursed. The bank account of the head of the household, a receipt issued by the hospital, and the National Health Insurance card are required at the time of application.


<Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (“Gakkensai”) >
<Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives coupled with “Gakkensai” (“Inbound Futai-gakuso”)>
In order to ensure that students can conduct their studies and research activities and live a rewarding student life with peace of mind, it is indispensable to take sufficient precautions against accidents, illnesses and other calamities.
As a compensation system in response to them, Saitama University offers Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (“Gakkensai”) and  Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives coupled with “Gakkensai” (“Inbound Futai-gakuso”)     provided by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES). Since they provide benefits in line with student activities at low premiums, all students are required to purchase these insurances in principle. Only those who have already purchased “Gakkensai” can purchase the “Inbound Futai-gakuso”. (STEPS students are required to purchase other insurance, so please contact the Office of International Affairs separately.)
In addition, at the time of hospitalization, “Guaranty System for Hospitalization” can be used by pre-purchasing both of “Gakkensai” and “Inbound Futai-gakuso” in addition to the “National Health Insurance”.

For “Gakkensai” *
      Student Support Division
      Phone: 048-858-3032

For “Inbound Futai-gakuso”
      Office of International Affairs
      Phone: 048-858-3011

*The Student Support Division is available only in Japanese. Please contact the Office of International Affairs if you have difficulty making inquiries in Japanese.



<Saitama University Health Center>
Saitama University has a Health Center to assist students with their health care. The Health Center provides regular health checkups, first aid, health counseling, and mental health counseling by specialized doctors, counselors, and nurses.
    TEL: 048-854-5356
 Consultation hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-16:00
 Japanese only:


<Search for Medical Facilities>
・ Saitama Prefecture Emergency Telephone Consultation (Japanese only)
When suddenly sick or injured, a nurse will provide consultation over the phone on how to treat at home or necessity of visiting a medical facility.
     TEL #048-824-4199 or #7119

・ The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides telephone consultation services in English or easy Japanese for foreigners who do not understand Japanese. With the hospital’s consent, telephone interpretation during medical treatment is also available.

・ You can search for hospitals that provide services in foreign languages.
     Multilingual support:

・ You can search for hospitals that provide services in English.

・  Using the “Manual” and the “List of Words” in (1) below, you can look up medical institutions in Saitama Prefecture on (2) the “Medical function information provision system (in Japanese) “. You can look up medical facilities in Saitama Prefecture using the manual and word list.
    (1)Multilingual manual (Manual and List of Words):
    (2) Medical function information provision system (Japanese):

Medical Examination>
a. When you visit a doctor
First, submit your health insurance card to the receptionist, tell them where you are sick, and go to the department as instructed. After the examination, treatment, etc. are completed, pay the consultation fee at the cashier. It is advisable to bring a Japanese-speaking friend with you when you go to see a doctor.

b. In case of sudden illness at night or on holidays
If you become suddenly ill at night or on holidays and your family doctor is not available, please visit an urgent care center.
  ‣Saitama City (Japanese only):
  ‣Saitama Prefecture (Japanese only):

c. In case of Hospitalization (“Guaranty System for Hospitalization”)
Saitama University will take on the role of a guarantor when an international student studying at Saitama University is hospitalized due to illness or injury while enrolled at Saitama University and needs a guarantor. To use this system, you must  have both of “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (“Gakkensai”)” and “Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives coupled with “Gakkensai” (“Inbound Futai-gakuso”)” in addition to the “National Health Insurance”. Since it is not possible to purchase these insurances after being hospitalized, Saitama University, in principle, requires all international students to purchase them in advance in case of emergency.

In using the “Guaranty System for Hospitalization”, please prepare the following documents and submit them together with other required documents to the office of International Affairs.

Documents to be prepared
–     Application for Guaranty System for Hospitalization
–     Pledge
–     Progress Description for Hospitalization

Other required documents
–    National Health Insurance Card (copy)
–    “Inbound Futai-gakuso” policyholder’s Certificate (copy)
–    Documents for Hospitalization (issued by the hospital)

      Office of International Affairs
      Phone: 048-858-3011

<Saitama University Harassment Consultation Desk>
Saitama University has established the “Regulations Concerning Prevention of Harassment at Saitama University National University Corporation” and strives to create a comfortable campus free from harassment.
    Hotline: 046-858-9138 (Human Resources Division, Saitama University)
    Japanese and English: