Rules for daily life (Dispose of Household Waste/ Riding a Bicycle)

【Rules for Disposal of Household Waste】
Household waste is collected by the municipal district. Waste is collected on different days for different types of waste, such as “burnable waste,” “non-burnable waste,” cans and bottles, and recyclable resources.

<How to Dispose of Waste>
When disposing of waste, place the waste in a transparent or semi-transparent bag so that the contents can be seen. Be sure to close the bag before disposing of the waste.
hen and what kind of waste to dispose depends on where you live. You must dispose of your waste by 8:30 a.m. on the designated day of the week. You cannot dispose of waste the night before or after the designated time.
*In districts where burnable trash is collected early in the morning, you should dispose of your waste by 5:30 a.m. or at the time set by where you live.

 <Large-Sized Waste and Specially Designated Items>
Some waste cannot be disposed at your waste collection station and payment is required to dispose of them.
Call the Large-Sized Waste Reception Center to apply for the individual curbside pickup. Or make a reservation over the phone to bring your waste to the center by yourself directly.
– Large-Sized Waste (Waste measuring from 90 cm up to 2 m on its longest side)
– Specially Designated Items that are difficult to handle
Examples include mattresses with springs, sofas with springs, tires, batteries, and drying racks.

<Items Listed in the Electric Appliance Recycling Law>
Since the following four electrical products must be recycled by Japanese law, you cannot dispose them of at your waste collection station. They cannot be taken to a waste center. They must be picked up at the store where you bought them or at the store where you bought the new ones. You will be charged for pickup. If you do not know where you bought the waste, you can either take it to a place designated by the manufacturer or ask a company designated by Saitama City to do so.
-Air conditioner
-Refrigerators and freezers
-Washing machines and clothes dryers

<Manual on How to Dispose of Household Waste>
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【Rules for Riding a Bicycle】
<Purchase Bicycle Insurance>
In Saitama Prefecture, it is duty to purchase “Bicycle Insurance” or similar insurance when riding a bicycle. Bicycle insurance is an insurance policy that prepares you to compensate for injuries you cause to someone while riding your bicycle. Some policies will pay for medical treatment for your injuries.

Saitama Prefecture

<Precautions for Riding a Bicycle>
1. When riding on the sidewalk, pedestrians have priority. Ride slowly on the side of the road.
2.   Ride on the left side of the roadway.
3.   Do not ride after drinking alcohol.
4.   Do not ride with two riders.
5.   Ride in single file, not in parallel.
6.   Turn on the light at night.
7.   Obey traffic signals.
8.   At intersections, obey the “stop” signs and check for safety.
9.   Do not ride with an umbrella.
10. Do not ride while using a cell phone.
11. Children must wear helmets.