Grading System

Credit Hours

The Japanese government defines the concept of one credit in Japan is equivalent to 45 hours of workload including 15 – 30 hours of lectures and exercise.
Saitama University follows this regulation; 1credit = 45 hours of workload. To maintain your Student Visa status, exchange students must have at least 10 hours of lecture time per week, which is equivalent to 7 classes/week.


Exchange students will be evaluated and awarded grades in accordance with Saitama University’s grade policies.

Grade Grade Point Corresponding reach
S 4.0 Exceed the goal and excel in general
A+ 3.5 Exceed the goal and partially excel
A 3.0 Exceed the goal
B+ 2.5 Sufficiently reach the goal and partially excel
B 2.0 Sufficiently reach the goal
C+ 1.5 Reach the minimum goal, partially meet at the level of B or higher
C 1.0 At least reach the goal
D 0 Do not reach the goal
F 0 There is no material to measure the degree of the goal

Official Transcripts will be issued at the end of each semester. Transcripts will be mailed to the student’s home university along with the Enrollment Certificate upon the completion of exchange mobility program.