JASSO Scholarship

Starting from the fiscal year 2023, Saitama University’s STEPS program has been qualified for the JASSO scholarship. We will select scholarship recipients from the following partner universities and countries based on JASSO’s selection criteria for the contribution to our university’s internationalization and support our students’ international learning opportunities. Once the recipients have been determined, we will notify their home universities accordingly. We hope the recipients’ understanding and willingness to follow the purpose of this scholarship and actively participate in our university’s initiatives.

Scholarships will be given priority to students recommended by the following designated universities or in the designated countries.

*Please note that students do not necessary receive the scholarship since the number is limited. Recipients will be selected based on their grades at home University

Region University
Oceania University of Technology Sydney, Griffith University

North America

Bowling Green State University, Middle Tennessee State University, The university of Wyoming, Arkansas State University-Jonesboro, University of Nebraska at Kearney, The university of New Hampshire, University of Massachusetts Boston, Ohio Dominican University, State University of New York at Stony Brook, University of Illinois at Springfield

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Université de Lille, Tomas Bata University, University of Warsaw, Laurea University of Applied Science, University of Zaragoza, ESIEE Paris, The University of Manchester, Università di Torino , Department of Foreign, Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures and Department of Humanities, VIA University College


Region Country
Asia Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, China, Malaysia, Thailand
South America Colombia, Mexico
Europe Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Turkey
Africa Egypt

The above classification may change in the future.

Please note that a student must meet and understand the following conditions in order to receive this scholarship.

【Payment amount】
 80,000 yen per month
【Number of payments (scheduled)】
 ・Students whose study period is 2 Term: 4 or 5 times
 ・Students whose study period is 4Term: 11 times
 STEPS students must
 ①have excellent grades at home University
 ②sign the “Confirmation of Enrollment” book and report one of the following by the 5th of each month.
  ⅰ Courses you are taking
  ⅱ Your studying situation (study time per day, study place, etc.)
  ⅲ Facilities around the university
  ⅳ About Saitama City
  ⅴ Health management during study abroad
  ⅵ Dormitory/housing, university cafeteria, textbook and teaching materials fees
  ⅶ Looking back on the facilities in the university and the study period so far
  ⅷ Goals for the rest of the study period
 ③actively participate in exchange events with Japanese students
  In particular, you are required to participate in language exchange programs.
 ④report the achievement of study abroad after completing the STEPS program (July or January),
 ⑤not receive scholarships exceeding 80,000 yen per month from other organizations
 ⑥After returning to home country, the credits earned at Saitama university must be transferred to your home university.

【Points to Note】
・After coming to Japan, you are asked to follow our instructions and open a bank account as soon as possible.
・Scholarship disbursements will begin in April or September. Since you can’t open a bank account when just arrive in Japan, we will pay in cash only in those months.
・Disbursements will take place on the 17th of each month, however, if the 17th falls on a weekend/holiday, the payment will be made on the following  Monday. Note that disbursement for April or September will be in late those months.
・Any transfer fees shall be borne by the student.
・If a student fails to sign the form by the 5th of each month, the scholarship amount will not be disbursed for the month.
    Note that Office of International Affairs will not remind the students for the signature each month.
・The information reported in the eligibility ② may be introduced on SNS for Japanese students and Saitama University’s website.