Short-Term Exchange Program of Saitama University (STEPS)

Every year, we welcome Short-Term Exchange Students (STEPS Students) from numerous countries with diverse cultural backgrounds and understandings. Students may choose to study at Saitama because they like Japan and wish to learn about the country. However, exchange students will discover that Saitama University is the worlds’ gateway to Japan, and Japan’s gateway to the world.

Nomination & Application Procedure


If you wish to study at Saitama University as an exchange student for one or two semester(s), you must be nominated by your university. Please consult with the department in charge at your home university and please have the coordinator of your university nominate you to the Office of International Affairs, Saitama University. Calling for nomination and instructions will be emailed to all partner universities in the period. We ask all the partner universities to follow the procedure and submit the nomination by the following deadlines. Please note that once your nomination is accepted, your study period may not be  changed or extended.

<Notification Email from SU Calling for Nomination>
 For Spring Semester:Mid-May
 For Fall Semester: Mid- December
<Deadline for Nomination>
 Nomination deadline for Spring Semester: October 1
 Nomination deadline for Fall Semester: March 1

All inquiries from the partner universities regarding the nomination procedure may be sent to Office of International Affairs.


Once your nomination is submitted, confirmation mail will be replied within few days. 


Students nominated by their university are required to complete the following documents as instructed and submit them by the deadline as below. the nomination by the following deadlines.

<Deadline for Application>
Application deadline for Spring Semester November 1
Application deadline for Fall SemesterApril 17

Application Documents

To be submitted by the NOMINATED STUDENT
Nominated students will be invited to “Speed Visa” to enter CoE information and submit required documents via email when calling for nominations. Document formats will be sent to the partner university coordinators.

1. Signatures of the Applicant, Advisor/Coordinator, guarantor

Only Handwritten signature is accepted. It may be scanned and saved in PDF format.

2. Financial Statement

Bank balance certificate (must have account holder’s name, Bank name, and date stated on the document), scholarship award letters, or other financial documents

*Total amount must have at least 500,000 JPY for two terms or 1,000,000 JPY for four terms

* Attach an English or Japanese translation

3. Reason for studying in Japan

Written by the applicant either in English or in Japanese. Applicant can enter in SpeedVisa.

 4. Copy of the ID page of passport

Do not make any redaction to the copy. Submit in PDF file.

 5. Digital Color Picture Photo

40mm×30mm、354×472 pixel or above, JPEG file only.

Must be taken within 3 months and meet the below passport photo requirements. Taken with your smartphone is accepted. Used for CoE application and for Student ID.

Photograph requirements | Immigration Services Agency of Japan (

6. Academic Reference
Written by the applicant’s supervisor either in English or in Japanese. No specific format.

7. Health Certificate

Must be within 3 months. Any type of test for tuberculosis accepted (X-ray, blood test, skin test, etc.)

8.Medical History

Typing only. Handwritten is NOT accepted.

If your submitted document(s) is found incomplete which needs to be revised, you will receive an email from the Office of International Affairs. You will then be required to revise as instructed and to resubmit it as soon as possible. You may be contacted several times until all documents are successfully submitted. We ask you to check your email frequently after submitting your documents. 


When all your application documents are successfully submitted, confirmation notice will be sent within few days to your home university. Please then wait for your application to be accepted. Your acceptance will be notified to your home university via email with your Letter of Acceptance attached to the mail. When you receive the letter, please make sure that your information (your name and date of birth) is stated correctly.


When your application is accepted, Saitama University will apply for your Certificate of Enrollment (CoE) to the Japanese Immigration Bureau. Please note that it will usually take 2 months for the CoE to be issued. Once your CoE is issued, it will be post mailed to your home university together with the original hard copy of your Letter of Acceptance.


Prospective students must apply for their ‘Student Visa’ at their respective local Japanese Embassy or Consulate before arrival. Application documents may differ in each country, so make sure to contact your local Japanese Embassy and prepare the necessary documents. CoE and your Letter of Acceptance will be required, so be sure to bring them along with your other necessary documents to apply.

Please proceed to apply for your visa as soon as you receive the documents below.
Letter of AcceptanceIssued by Saitama University
CoE : Issued by Immigration Bureau

You will receive ‘Student Life Pre-Application Questionnaire’ prior to your arrival. Answer the questions about your roommate preferences and other desired aspects of your student life. Based on this information, Saitama University (SU) will make arrangements for dormitories (International House) and tutors (buddies who will support your life in Japan). Prospective students must prepare for their arrival as instructed in the ‘Pre-Arrival Guide’ which they will receive by e-mail. If there is any change in your plans, or if you decide to cancel your stay in Japan, please make sure to have your home university contact the Office of International Affairs officially.

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