Campus Map

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  1. Administration Bureau
  2. Security Guard Office
  3. Research and Development Bureau
  4. Parking Lot
  5. Faculty of Liberal Arts
  6. 3rd Lecture Hall
  7. 2nd Lecture Hall
  8. Multipurpose Bldg.
  9. Education & Student Services Bldg.
  10. 1st Lecture Hall (Student Center 1F)
  11. School of Science -3rd Bldg.
  12. Lecture and Laboratory Bldg. for Faculty of Science
  13. School of Science -2nd Bldg.
  14. School of Science -1st Bldg.
  15. Dep’t of Information and Computer Sciences
  16. Graduate School of Science and Engineering
  17. Dep’t of Electrical and Electronic Systems -2nd Bldg.
  18. Dep’t of Electrical and Electronic Systems -1st Bldg.
  19. Education Bldg. For School of Engineering
  20. Comprehensive Analysis Center for Science
    Information Technology Center
  21. Bldg. of Research and Project
    • Experiment Laboratory for Environmental Science Research 4F
  22. Dep’t of Mechanical Engineering
  23. Radioisotope Research Facility
  24. Dep’t of Applied Chemistry -2nd Bldg.
  25. Dep’t of Applied Chemistry -1st Bldg.
  26. Dep’t of Functional Materials Science
  27. Practical Training & Research Experiment Laboratory
  28. Dep’t of Civil and Environmental Engineering -2nd Bldg.
  29. Dep’t of Civil and Environmental Engineering -1st Bldg.
  30. Construction Experiment -1st Bldg.
  31. Construction Experiment -2nd Bldg.
  32. Construction Experiment -3rd Bldg.
  33. Dep’t of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 3rd Bldg.
  34. Open Innovation Center
  35. Acceptance Inspection Section
  36. Common Facilities for Extra-Curricular Activities
  37. Staff Parking Lot
  38. Emergency Supplies Storage
  39. Tennis Courts
  40. Baseball Ground
  41. Rugby Field
  42. Soccer Field
  43. Throwing Field
  44. Golf Practice Range
  45. Athletic Field
  46. Swimming Pool
  47. 1st Budo Hall
  48. Kyudo Hall
  49. 1st Gymnasium
  50. Gymnasium (also, Evacuation Space)
  51. Keyaki Hall (1st Cafeteria and Shop)
  52. Faculty of Education -H
  53. Faculty of Education -D
  54. Faculty of Education -Como Bldg.
  55. Faculty of Education -F
  56. Faculty of Education -B
  57. Faculty of Education -G
  58. Faculty of Education -C
  59. Faculty of Education -A
  60. University Library, 2nd Bldg.
  61. University Library, 1st Bldg.
  62. University Library, Learning Commons
  63. Faculty of Economics – Research Bldg.
  64. Faculty of Economics -B
  65. Faculty of Economics -A
  66. Saidai Hiroba
  67. Univ. CO-OP (2nd Cafeteria and Shops)
  68. Health Service Center
  69. Daigaku Kaikan
    (University Hall and Convenience Store)
  70. Staff Residences
  71. International House, 1st Bldg.
  72. International House, 2nd Bldg.
  73. International House, 3rd Bldg.
  74. Bicycle Lot 1
  75. Bicycle Lot 2
  76. Student Dorm
  77. University Farm