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About the website of Saitama University

This website consists of the webpages managed by the Office of Public Relations and Strategy of Saitama University (the homepage and entry page) as well as the webpages individually managed by each education and research organization (link page).

Each division or organization in charge of editorial work of the webpage shall be responsible for the content of said webpage. For inquiries (opinions and comments) regarding this website, please refer to the contact information listed in each webpage.

About the copyrights

The copyrights of the documents and pictures, etc., contained in this website shall belong to Saitama University and the copyright holder of each work. Regarding the secondary use of such work, please refer to the contact information listed on each webpage. Please note that we may reject the secondary use of such work if deemed inappropriate.
Please note that the act of copying and duplicating the digital content such as information and pictures on this website without permission shall be an infringement of copyrights and intellectual property rights, etc.

About the link

You may freely access the homepage (http://en.saitama-u.ac.jp). In the case of pasting other links on the website, please notify the General Affairs Division (*koho[at]post.saitama-u.ac.jp) to that effect. However, any link pasted from the website containing content that is likely to discredit Saitama University will be rejected.

Furthermore, we will have no involvement in any trouble, etc., arising out of links that have been pasted. It is prohibited to display the homepage of this website within the frame on your website. Please note that the contents and URLs of each webpage may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

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