Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

National University Corporation Saitama University (hereinafter referred to as “this University”) acknowledges the importance of protecting personal information, which is also the social responsibility of this University. Thus, with regard to handling personal information collected from persons who attend, who take the entrance exam, or who use this University, by establishing the following Personal Information Protection Policy, we will ensure full dissemination to all educational staff as well as the execution of said policy.

  1. This University will ensure thorough compliance with related laws and regulations including the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” as well as social norms.
  2. While collecting information by lawful and fair means, this University will clarify the purpose of utilization of personal information and will appropriately handle the collected personal information within the scope of the purpose of utilization.
  3. This University will endeavor to prevent the leakage or loss, etc., of information collected by this University.
  4. While respecting the rights of the individual with regard to personal information, this University will sincerely and appropriately respond to inquiries, opinions, or complaints from the individual concerned.
  5. This University will endeavor to continuously evaluate and improve policies, organizational framework, and rules with regard to handling information as well as various measures for the purpose of information protection.

June 8, 2006
National University Corporation Saitama University