Kseniia Shchekotko

Ksenia Alekseevna Shchekotko_photo

Ksenia Shchekotko
Lobachevsky University, Russia

Hi! My name is Kseniia! This summer I had a chance to participate in Saitama University Summer Program. This program was new and fascinating experience for me. This summer program gave me an opportunity to expand my knowledge in Japanese culture in many ways, from different perspectives and with different approaches. Before applying to this program, I dreamed about participating in Japanese language learning course and the university gave me this opportunity with «Japanese Language Class for Absolute Beginners» which allowed me to learn new and also be able to speak and express my ideas in Japanese in such a short period of time!

In addition, I took a course in «Animation Studies» and «Contemporary Art and Design in Asia and Japan» which left a very good impression on me since these topics are the ones I am very interested in but before the program I had never had an opportunity to participate in!

Moving further, since my degree was connected with politics and economics I decided to take a course in «Economic Strategist in Japan and Asia» which was quite interesting and informative for me in many ways.

All classes were perfectly organized with permanent assistance of everyone who is in charge of it! I was very pleased by the fact that I am supervised during my course and can ask for help any time.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the professors and assistances who helped to create the program with such positive and motivating information that will definitely stay with me during my further journey on expanding my knowledge about Japanese culture! Thank you once again and I hope and believe that I will participate again and finish the course as successfully as this year!  じゃあまた!