Tseesuren Oyungarav


Nationality: Mongolian
Course: Master Course
Major: Japanese and Asian
management studies
Graduated from National
University of Mongolia

My name is Tseesuren Oyungarav from Mongolia, the beautiful country of forever-blue sky. My student life in Saitama was my first ever overseas study experience in my life and I am really happy that I’m having a chance to tell you, future students, about the Saidai (Saitama University) life here.

After passing the Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbusho) exam in my country in 2014, I had a great opportunity to come to Saitama University as a research student at the Faculty of Economics in October 2014. Every Monbusho scholarship research student needs to pass a university entrance exam after arrival. So I was also required to take the exam and with a generous amount of help from my supervisor, of course from other teachers as well as great supports from my parents and friends. I was able to pass the entrance exam in December 2014 and I started my Saidai graduate school experience in April 2015.

Just a year ago I was in my home country working at a company, dreaming about receiving a master’s degree in Japan, with a world-admired knowledge from recognized professors and getting to know more deeply about Japanese management style.

Now the beginning of my dream came true and I started my journey abroad with a new energy and new prospects. Currently I’m working on my research and taking professional courses while learning Japanese at the Japanese Education Center. Since starting my graduate school life, Saidai offered me a wonderful experience to study with Japanese and other foreign students at courses. Having a chance to hear the opinions of foreign students, discussing from different perspectives and experiencing each unique culture, my eyes started to open and I realized that I need to study very hard in order to get the name of Saidai graduate! The course quality at Saitama University is very high and professors always try to give the best they can to the students. I’m learning in a global environment studying world theories and cases while comparing to Japanese management style.Tseesuren4

My country Mongolia is a country with beautiful landscapes and natural wonders, and I sometimes do miss my country, but a peaceful and warm environment here in Saitama City comforts me during those times. I really love the close to nature environment in Saitama City and also it is so convenient that I can access the Tokyo urban area anytime.

I am really grateful towards what Saidai gave me during this time and I’m thirsting for more experience and more knowledge for the following two years.

My Saidai journey book started from here and I hope to see you at Saitama University.