About Summer Program

This 4-week intensive Japanese Studies Summer Program provides international undergraduate students who have an interest in Japanese culture, a good opportunity to study various aspects of Japan ---- traditional, modern and contemporary.
You can choose from weekday courses which may be of interest to you, as well as the chance to go on weekend excursions in and around the Saitama/Tokyo area.

All classes will be conducted in English, and an introductory Japanese language class will also be available for those who wish to start leaning this interesting and unique language.

Student Voice

I got invaluable experiences from this program including Japanese education system, cultures, traditions and japan. I think I made a right choice to participate in the program.

The classes were very educational, and I believe that the professors are some of the best that I have ever had.

The experience which you'll get through the summer program is far more better than taking a trip to Japan. We not only learnt through textbooks but also through relating them in real life which was made possible through the field trips as well as the homestay programs and all the other activities arranged.

Duration and Dates

Application Period*please check your campus deadline End of November, 2020 - February, 2021
Summer Program 2021 June - July, 2021 (4weeks)

Message from Professors of SU

Japanese Enterprises in Asia

Saitama University's summer program offers one month classes specializing in Japanese studies. Foreign students who are interested in Japanese culture and society can gain a deep level of knowledge supported by academic specialists. A variety of excursions, opportunities to interact with Japanese students and elementary Japanese classes are also available. We expect participants of our program to gain better understanding on Japan and hope that some of them will want to study further in Japan for a longer time in the future.

In “Japanese Enterprises in Asia” students will learn about various issues on Japanese enterprises doing business in Asia, for instance, their historical trends, current status, strength and weakness, cultural acceptability and market strategies. I welcome students who are interested in international business and marketing, especially those who are interested in business research in both Japanese and Asia.

Prof. IHARA Motoi

Global Agenda and International Development in the Japanese Perspective

The Saitama Summer Program is not only a great opportunity get to know Japan and her people, but also to make friends with participants from diverse countries with different views and opinions. My class covers global agenda, such as climate change, inequality, child labor, globalization, food and nutrition, intra- and inter-nation conflicts and others, in a form of free discussion and frank debate. In the present world, contaminated by division to extremes, discrimination, hatred and fake news, it is increasingly essential for all of us to understand each other’s standpoints, find out common grounds, and seek for solutions to mounting global challenges. My class is a small step in this direction in an enjoyable atmosphere. Professor TSUJI has 40 years of experience as a development aid worker engaged in many parts of the world and, recently, as the chairperson of a global partnership for promoting financial inclusion for the poor. People on this planet are diverse but ultimately the same. Let us talk!

Prof. TSUJI Kazuto

Alumni Voices

My name is Arina, I am from Russia. Now I am a 3rd-year student of the Novosibirsk State University. My major is Oriental Studies. In my point of view in the age of eurocentrism Asian culture should not be overshadowed. Thus, I decided to visit Saitama University to discover new horizons and expand my knowledge in a new field of studies.

Pudova Arina

I first heard about Summer Program of SU from my groupmates at my home university even in the winter of 2018. I heard that there will be English lessons, but I’ll be able to study at a real Japanese University and, moreover, live in homestay. As soon as I found out about it I started making necessary documents for the trip. I dreamed about visiting to Japan from my childhood and when I had a chance to live in a Japanese family for a month I was very excited.

Karabanova Daria

Contact Information

Office of International Affairs Saitama University

MAIL: kokusai@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp