Q. Can I stay at on-campus dormitory during Summer Program?
A. Unfortunately, on-campus dormitory rooms are not available for summer program students.

Q. Is there any scholarship for summer program students?
A. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships for summer program participants.

Q. I am NON-native speaker of English, but I have never taken a test like a TOEFL, IELTS etc.
A. If your study of language is English, please let us know in the application form. If not, please inform us your English level in CEFR with some certificate.

Q. Will I have time to travel around Japan during Summer Program?
A. Saitama is an ideal base from which to launch short trips around Japan. You will have time to travel on weekends. However, please remember to check the program schedule because we are arranging some field trips or events on weekends. In addition, homestay fee for the period of your travel cannot be refunded even if you are not at host family’s house on that period.

Q. Can I join from the middle of the program? I have an exam at my home university.
A. No, Summer Program students should participate in whole period (including orientation). Please discuss exams or any circumstances that may impact your stay with your home university.