Notice of Restrictions on Entry to the Campus

Due to implementation of the 2024 Saitama University Entrance Examination,  the East Gate, West Gate, and the back gate of the Co-op will be closed and only the Main Gate and the gate of bicycle parking lot will be open as shown in the drawing below on February 25 (Sun) , February 26 (Mon), March 12 (Tue) and March 13 (Wed).

Please refrain from entering the campus on those days, except for those involved in the entrance examination and those who have no choice but to enter the campus for educational or research activities. Please carry your ID (faculty/staff ID, student ID, etc.) with you when entering the campus.

In addtion, the Education & Studenr Services Bldg. and the Student Center in 1st Lecture Hall will be closed on the above-mentioed days.

Please cooperate to maintain a quiet environment and to ensure the smooth implementation of the examination.

Periods of closure of the east gate, west gate, and back gate of the Co-op

● February  24 ( Sat) 17:00 – February 26 (Mon) 15:30

● March 11 (Mon) 17:00 – March 13 (Wed) 17:00