Anqi Li

Nationality: China University: Renmin University of China

Nationality: China
University: Renmin University of China

A journey toward “Japan-literacy”

I’m majoring in Japanese back in China, but there is a limit to how much you can learn in the classroom and from textbooks. I always knew that if I wanted to become a true Japan expert, I would need to spend time here “on the ground” in Japan. I thought that an exchange to Saitama University would be the ideal way to master real-life Japanese language and to experience Japanese culture at the same time. And I was right!

My classes are always challenging, but I can see my skills improving from day to day. Everything I learn in class connects directly to what I hear and outside of class. I have a much broader view of Japanese society and culture now, and really hope to continue my contact with Japan throughout my studies and working life.   

Courses taken at Saitama University (semester 1, 2014)Li Anqi2 200-1

Japanese language program courses

  • Japanese (Reading)
  • Japanese (Writing)
  • Japanese (Listening)
  • Japanese (Conversation, Presentation)
  • Japanese (Advanced Writing)

Courses taught in Japanese

  • Introduction to Educational Methodology
  • Japanese as a Second Language and Japanese Language Education
  • Japanese and Asian Cultures 
  • English Grammar
  • Korean

Courses taught in English

  • Foundations of Modern Japanese Political Thought