Chen Po Mao (陳柏貿)


Nationality: Taiwan
Affiliation: National University of Tainan

       After I graduated from university, I joined in the graduate school in Taiwan. I like to learn foreign languages, so I decided to major in foreign languages. There were a lot of foreign languages can be chosen, but I wanted to learn another foreign language except English. Also, I was interested in history of Taiwan since I was elementary school student. I thought Japanese is very important if I want to do the research in the future. Finally, I joined in the department of Japanese. After I graduated, I joined in the army at first. After retiring army, I came back to school for studying Master. Follow my mind, I began to make research about Taiwanese religions and culture.

       Long time ago, I had heard that Saitama University is very famous in the world, especially Faculty of Liberal Arts. So, I hold my final opportunity, apply for exchange student. Of course, the first in my mind, Saitama University. Fortunately, I successfully came in Saitama University. Thanks for my parents and teachers gave me super supports.

        I think Saitama University is the best University in the world. I very like the environment of studying. When I was at Saitama University, I follow Professor Nakamoto and Professor Kanai to do researches. I followed Professor Nakamoto and learned Inter-Cultural Communication. In our class, there were a lot of classmates from different countries. Not only theory learning, through our discussion, we can know more the knowledges teacher said. Professor Nakamoto is a very nice teacher. Teacher’s professional knowledge let us know how to deal with the relationship of different culture. Teacher also used different teaching materials to help us understand easily.

         And, I also follow my major to take the class of Japanese Syntax of Professor Kanai. I think Professor Kanai is a very nice teacher. Although I was a short-term exchange student, the teacher still gave me many chances to join everyone. Although I made lots of mistakes in the class, because that was my first-time Japanese presentation, I was too nervous. But, the teacher Kanai kept earnest instruction, and encouraged me lot. Because of this class, I could make my future research more solid. Thanks for Professor Kanai, I wished one day I could normally enter Saitama University, follow teacher finishing my master’s thesis.

         Life in Saitama University is not only for studying, the school also gave us exchange students many chances to experience Japanese culture. I really like the experience of homestay. In this homestay, I knew the new family in Japan. My host’s parents look me as their son. They have a son, 2-year-old. He is very cute and smart. We played together, ate together, and lived together. Just like real brothers. Not only the day of homestay, we also went to many places to travel. I have kept a lot of wonderful memories in my albums, in my minds. Our relationship between Japanese family and I, it’s not friendship only, almost became my second home in Japan.

         Finally, I must thank for Saitama University gave me very nice experiences as an exchange student. I never forget the life in Saitama University. Saitama University is not only the top of university in the world, also provides a great environment for foreign students. Now, I finished my exchange student program, but I really look forward to the granting to let me enter Saitama University normally. Thanks for Saitama University, thanks for everyone I met in Japan.


                                                                                               -Chen Po Mao(陳柏貿)(National University of Tainan)