Chloe Adelaide Helena levray

Nationality :France
Affiliation : Sciences Po Lille

       My name is Chloé, I’m from the North of France, from the beautiful city of Lille. I have always been fascinated by Japan, by its history and culture, its delicious gastronomy and all the traditions that make it famous, in the middle of the modernity that makes it one of the most developed countries of our world. So when I knew that during my university studies in Sciences Po Lille, I had to leave for a year to study abroad, the choice of Japan came naturally. I wanted to discover Japan really, not only through books. It was an opportunity for me to immerse myself in a new country, for the first time outside of Europe and to discover all its facets. Saitama University has drawn my attention to the fact that it is a national university with a wide choice of courses, some of which  related to the field of study that I’m interested in for my future Master Degree. Moreover, the Saidai really favors bridges between cultures and international and Japanese students. In my case, I would like to work internationally and I like learning about other cultures so it was really a chance to discover Saitama University.

       When I arrived, I wasn’t disappointed: all the staff are listening and helping, like all Japenese people ; there are so many activities offered on campus and the classes and teachers are really enriching and attentive. At the begining, I thought it would be difficult for me as it was my first experience away from my native France and my family, alone in an environment that was unknown to me. But since everyone here is really helpful, it was easy  for me to integrate, adapt and feel at ease. It is also a real pleasure to study here and to live in the I-House every day, to learn from other students. I taught how to make French crêpes to two of my international friends. I really like this way of being able to share and interact with others. This is possible because, in I-House, we are all neighbors and friends. Like a big family. And  it’s a good way to improve our respective language skills. I wanted to improve both of my English and Japanese and I really feel that I’m making progress. It’s very rewarding. Indeed, we have the opportunity to take Japanese classes every day and we can help each other easily when we have difficulties.

       Saitama Daigaku is really enjoyable. I’m so happy to be here. I made very beautiful meetings here and I know this experience will make me grow. I know also that it will be a great memory in my life.



                                                                                                                   -Chloe Adelaide Helena  levray(Sciences Po Lille)