Jacob Lennart

Nationality: Germany
University: University of Hamburg

The ideal place to start life in Japan

Looking back at my first two months on exchange, I realize that International House, or “I-House” as we all know it, played a really important role in my adjustment to life in Saitama. At I-House I immediately felt part of a community of students that was keen to welcome and help out new arrivals. I enjoyed exploring the campus and local area with my fellow residents, and appreciated how easy it was to get to class.

I also enjoy I-House’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. My immediate neighbors are from the U.S. and China, and Japanese is the only language that all three of us have in common. Even though I am a student of Japanese studies, this might be the first time I have actually used Japanese as a language of international communication.

One of my major concerns before coming to Japan was the cost of living. But here in I-House, I am finding life very affordable. I have also been fortunate to receive a JASSO scholarship worth 80,000 yen per month, which is enough to cover my living costs here. I think the balance between affordability and quality makes Saitama U a great place to study.