Nick Natapol


Nationality: Thailand University: Chulaglongkorn University

Nationality: Thailand
University: Chulaglongkorn University

An ideal choice—whatever your goal may be

I chose Saitama University because it offers an excellent Japanese language program and great freedom for exchange students to plan their own studies in both English and Japanese language mediums. A Japanese friend studying at Saitama University had also told me good things about the friendly, attentive teachers and the laid-back environment. 

Here on campus I have the best of both worlds: a quiet and peaceful environment conducive to study, and proximity to the big city when I need it. University staff members are supportive and genuinely interested in exchange students’ welfare. I really hope to maintain a connection with Saitama U after my exchange has finished.

Every exchange student has a different purpose: some are focused on their studies, others seek immersion in Japanese culture, and others hope to broaden their views of the world. The most important thing is to have a purpose in the first place! Saitama University will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.