Pham Linh Chi


Nationality: Vietnam
Major: Economics
Affiliation: Geneva School of Business

Spending the whole academic year in Saitama University gave me the opportunity to live and learn in a new environment and thus have developed in me the ability to adapt myself in different situations. Compared to my home university, where the learning approach concentrates primarily on practical exercises to prepare ourselves to the working world, in Saitama University, I had the chance to study and analyze the fundamental theories and concepts in Economics and therefore improve my researching and writing skills.

Multicultural is also another aspect that I like in SU. Professors and students from different countries work, share knowledge, altogether contribute to cultural diversity and thus bring people from different cultures closer to each other.

Club activities are something I highly recommend to those who are interested in Japanese culture. Being a member of the Tea Ceremony Club helps me to discover more about Japanese culture as well as meet people here. Although the language barriers, we understood each other and I have received a lot of help from other members.


As I have mentioned before, participating in an exchange program is a great opportunity to meet people from different countries, cultures and studying in different fields; but we all share the same interest of discovering Japan and its culture. Many foreign students I met in SU have been in Japan before and have learned Japanese. As it was my first time in Japan, I have received a lot of assistance from my friends, in particularly my tutor and we had many cherished moments during our student life in SU.