Rabiatul Adawiyah Abu Bakar


Nationality: Bruneian
Course: Master of Engineering, 2014
Major: Environmental Science and Technology
Graduated from University of Brunei Darussalam (BSc Mathematics, 2011)

It had always been my dream to go to Japan and I was so overwhelmed when I was accepted as the only candidate from Brunei who was given the opportunity by the Japanese Government to further my studies for Master’s Course in Japan. Honestly, Saitama University became my first choice because of its large community of Muslim. Also, even though during my Bachelor’s Degree my major was Mathematics, I had a strong interest in Environmental Science and my laboratory gave me the chance to pursue research in that field. Doing Master’s Course in a field different from my background was difficult and there were so many obstacles to overcome throughout the research as I was required to have programming skills as well. However, with a lot of patience and prayers, hard work, and motivation from friends and family, I managed to excel and surpass those tough times. Studying in Japan might be strict but it certainly benefitted and shaped me up to become a better researcher. Handling different kinds of tasks, discussions with Japanese companies, catching up with deadlines, countless presentations etc. helped me to develop various skills and prepare myself for working life. Japan has numerous research techniques for forest management which will be a useful application in Brunei because 70% of its land area is covered by forest. I wish to contribute to the improvement of my country by conducting more research using feasible techniques similar to what I had done in my research at Saitama University.