Shynggyskhan Yermakhan

Nationality: Kazakhstan
Affiliation: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

     To tell the truth, I never thought that I would study in Japan. The choice of university was made very quickly as at Saitama’s University our undergraduates were trained, from them I also learned. To university there corresponded all my documents and was glad when the invitation came. A high level of quality of education, and also culture of the country – one of the main factors attracting foreign students.

      City. Saitama, very quiet and beautiful city, where people are very polite and smiling. At our university there are a lot of communities and actions therefore it was never boring. Fortunately, there is not a lot of parties as in Tokyo, which also makes concentrating on study not so difficult. In Saitama City, I went to such cities only behind study, as there is not too much number of shops nor night life to taste. Often people say that here it is boring, but behind parties and shopping it is always possible to go to Tokyo. Saitama, a small city, and it gives a number of advantages: it is not necessary to spend time for traffic jams in rush hour or hour trips by the subway, everything is within walking distance that is also very convenient from the point of view of accommodation with a family.

     Training. The first week – welcome week – fact-finding. Lectures acquaintances with a course and rules, and also with social life in Saitama are carried out. In parallel with these lectures any administrative matters are resolved. At the beginning of the next week on the basis of dough and interview there is a division into groups on language. I got to the beginning group with several Americans, and also students of Vietnam, China. As I learned then that disciplines in English are calculated on the average level therefore problems with English subjects (the letter, reading and informal conversation) are not present. Japanese classes are taught 6 couples a week for 1.5 hours. The schedule depends on group, at us 5-2, i.e. 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) – the days off turned out. Subjects, in principle, too seemed to me too simple though now to judge it still early. I find time for studying of Japanese more. But at university there are a lot of disciplines both in English and Japanese. Actually, a lot of things are pleasant to me in our program. I like that amount of material which teachers give us. Also it is pleasant to me that  at lessons there are not a lot of people, and it means that much attention is paid to each student. I am very happy with the program and how training process is arranged.

      Leisure. In the sites a huge number sports (and not only) clubs. Within 1 week it is possible to descend on trainings/tests/occupations of any of them free of charge to examine. Besides, the clubs try to organize events and out of trainings that students became friends, etc. In free time I play sports, all conditions for sport here. Still I like existence of the free sports hall for students. In you are mute can visit both a gym, and various occupations. It very much pleases. Still I go out with friends, I travel and I participate in life of community. We with classmates get acquainted with sights of Japan, and on days off we play soccer, or volleyball. It seems to me, it is excellent opportunity to get acquainted with children and to learn about their culture. Besides, so we can have a rest and relax to continue study full of strength and new ideas. The number of people and cultures which meet on the way cannot be counted, nearly every day I made  new acquaintance which pleased me. We change with each new friend, we learn ourselves and we open new interests. And this most abrupt that can present youth and life abroad.

     Shops, banks. All necessary can be bought in the nearest shops and in trading houses (10 min.): from office and products – to clothes and equipment. There is a huge number of shops. In the same place there are small cafe, post office, mobile operators and banks. In all almost shops it is possible to pay with the card, of multiple currency.

     If you are not afraid of courageous experiences and want to combine business with pleasure, namely, to get an education abroad and to open for itself the new country, the program of Saitama University – ideal chance for realization of such opportunity! I also wanted to wish all readers all success and good luck! It so far everything that occurs…


                                                                        -Shynggyskhan Yermakhan(Al-Farabi Kazakh National University)