Sokheang Soun


Experience of Participating in Summer Program 2022


Sokheang Soun_photo

Sokheang Soun
Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I am Sokheang Soun. I am from Cambodia and a junior student of Royal University of Phnom Penh, majoring in International Business Management. Here, I would like to express my humble opinion on participating in Saitama University Summer Program in 2022.

When I saw the announcement of the International Relationship Office (IRO) of my university to call for applications to join the Summer Program 2022: Intergenerational Exchange Japanese Studies, I was so excited to grab this opportunity. I know this is a chance for me to interact and build connections with other people from different countries. Moreover, I know that this is an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about Japanese culture, language, economics and other perspectives. I love Japan so much and hope to visit one day in the near the future.

During this program, I really appreciated all the courses provided by Saitama University that were designed to let the participants get involved with what they were interested in and to explore new and interesting industries. The courses were very helpful to a better understanding of its concept and open for discussion between professors and all participants from all around the world freely to express their opinion on the subject. I have joined four courses, they are Contemporary Art and Design in Asia and Japan, Japanese Language for Absolute Beginner, Global Agenda and International Development in the Japanese Perspective and Economic Strategies in Japan and Asia. All the information, knowledge, skills and mindset that I have learnt from these courses are very useful and crucial for me to become a better version of myself. This program was one of my best decisions I have ever made and during the four weeks of it, I had a lot of fun, expanding my networking with people from other countries, exchanging culture, and talking about many aspects of life. Even when the program ended, I still found myself talking about it and recommending it to other people.