About Summer Program

This 4-week intensive Japanese Studies Summer Program provides international undergraduate students who have an interest in Japanese culture, a good opportunity to study various aspects of Japan ---- traditional, modern and contemporary.
You can choose from weekday courses which may be of interest to you, as well as the chance to go on weekend excursions in and around the Saitama/Tokyo area.

All classes will be conducted in English, and an introductory Japanese language class will also be available for those who wish to start leaning this interesting and unique language.

Student Voice

I got invaluable experiences from this program including Japanese education system, cultures, traditions and japan. I think I made a right choice to participate in the program.

The classes were very educational, and I believe that the professors are some of the best that I have ever had.

The experience which you'll get through the summer program is far more better than taking a trip to Japan. We not only learnt through textbooks but also through relating them in real life which was made possible through the field trips as well as the homestay programs and all the other activities arranged.

Message from Professors of SU

Dear prospective students in Summer Intensive Program held at Saitama University

We are pleased to inform you that Saitama University is about to hold Summer Intensive Program this summer. I have heard that many students in our partner institutions worldwide would like to learn the Japanese language and culture on our campus under this severe condition. We are arranging how to interact with our local students who want to discuss, talk, and chat with you through great Japanese online courses. The demands, desires, and requests are rising now. I believe this is an excellent opportunity for the young generation to change the globe for to better through these various experiences.

I welcome you to the program as one of the triggers to open your eyes to other worlds by comprehensive interaction with the same generation. I am looking forward to seeing you on this program.

Director of International Planning Office,
Asso. Prof. Yasuhiro Hasegawa

Alumni Voices

Hi, my name is Santiago I’m a student of the program “Systems Engineering” from the University Foundation Konrad Lorenz Colombia, and I have participated in the “Summer Course” of the Saitama university in Japan, in this short essay I will talk about my experience with it, the reasons why I decided to participate in the course and some of the thing that I like about it.

Santiago Montenegro Woodcock

Hi! My name is Kseniia! This summer I had a chance to participate in Saitama University Summer Program. This program was new and fascinating experience for me. This summer program gave me an opportunity to expand my knowledge in Japanese culture in many ways, from different perspectives and with different approaches.

Kseniia Shchekotko

Contact Information

Office of International Affairs Saitama University

MAIL: kokusai@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp