【Applied by Oct. 19】Hikawa no Mori Workshop

We will hold a 3-day workshop for both International and Japanese students in Saitama Prefecture!
Join to learn the history, nature, and culture of Hikawa no Mori through interaction with local residents.


3 days Workshop at Hikawa no Mori


[Day 1] November 11  Online lecture

[Day 2] November 18  “Noh” Japanese performance workshop

[Day 3] December 2        Volunteer cleanup

                                                      Walking around Hikawa shrine

                                                      Bonsai village tour

Number of participants

International students: about 30

Japanese students: about 10

How to apply Download the guideline from here (Click) and answer the application form. The application form is included in the guidelines.
Application Deadline October 19

Saitama Prefecture Association for Promotion of Student Exchange 

Secretariat:Office of International Affairs, Saitama University