“Nihongo no Heya ” Free Japanese Class

STIB (Saitama Tourism and International relations Bureau) holds “Nihongo no Heya – SAKURA” every Tuesday. 

You can learn daily life level Japanese for free. No textbooks or workbooks are used as it is not for business, qualification examinations or academic purposes. 

Details are as follows. To participate, you need to make an application below.


<“Nihongo no Heya”  for SU students living in Saitama City and SU students’ families living in Saitama City.>

Days & Times

Tuesdays(except on the 5th Tuesday of the month or holidays)


* Calendar_2024


・International Students at Saitama University, living in Saitama City

・Families of international students at Saitama University, living in

   Saitama City

*Due to the limited number of volunteers, eligibility is limited to residents of Saitama City.


Saitama University’s International House No.2

How to apply

にほんごのへや参加申込書  霓虹果挪黑鸭(日语小屋) 报名表 Sign Up for Nihongo no Heya (google.com)




Saitama Tourism and International relations Bureau (STIB)

International Exchange Center(IEC)

Email: iec@stib.jp

Tel: 048-813-8500