Khanayod Jindajiraphat

My experience in Summer Intensive Program 2021


Khanayod Jindajiraphat
Khon Kaen University, Thailand

 Hi, I’m Khanayod Jindajiraphat a participant of Saitama University Japanese Language Summer Intensive Program 2021.
 First of all, I’d like to thank all for taking the time to create this summer program. For me, it was a very precious moment and I’m truly honored and grateful to be a part of this summer program.

 For the time that I was studying throughout this summer program. I got the best moment and good things that Much more than I had imagined before I started this summer program. The first of what I got from the summer program is all friendly friends from each country. Whether from China, Taiwan, Italy, Serbia, Ukraine, etc. Because of this summer program, I have learned about their ideas, cultures, and exchange each language through Japanese conversation in class. Every day that I have studied is full of new knowledge that I never learn before. I have learned about the word that Japanese people use in daily life. The class It’s very fun and I can feel the freedom of creativity that I’ve never seen before.

 In addition to the class, there are also discussions with students from Saitama University. We have used the Japanese language to talk with students who are volunteers. And then they have an online homestay in the summer program. It made me can converse with Japanese people in real society. I had fun to be exchanging ideas, cultures, and languages together with them. Also, I have exchanged contacts for future contacts. This is the way to develop relations between foreigners together.

 Although it is unfortunate that the world is in a crisis of Covid 19, so we can’t really meet face to face. However, this summer online course can greatly help fulfill the needs of exchange students. Finally, I would like to say thank you once again to the Summer Project for giving me a chance to meet new friends and giving me more confidence to speak Japanese.

the last day of the class in summer

The Last Day of the class in Japanese Language Summer Intensive Program 2021