Pudova Arina


Novosibirsk State University, Russian

My name is Arina, I am from Russia. Now I am a 3rd-year student of the Novosibirsk State University. My major is Oriental Studies. In my point of view in the age of eurocentrism Asian culture should not be overshadowed. Thus, I decided to visit Saitama University to discover new horizons and expand my knowledge in a new field of studies.

When I came to Saitama University, I realized that it is impossible to study the Japanese language and Asian culture without any linguistic environment. Thanks to this program, I discovered the whole new world. I took courses in Design and Modern art and Material culture. I am grateful to Zilia-sensei and Nomura-sensei for the opportunity to visit different workshops and museums. Our discussions about different facets of Japanese culture encouraged me to learn more about the country and left some aspects for further study.

I am thankful to the University for the excellent organization of this program. Ogiwara-sensei treated us like we were her own children. Volunteers were ready to support us in every step; Moreover, thanks to the conversation club I improved my Japanese speaking skills and got acquainted with a lot of Japanese students, so we can stay in contact and support each other in future.

Furthermore, Nagasawa-sensei, Nomura-sensei and Nonaka-sensei helped considerably in my research. They gave me an interview which I can refer to during my further work on my course paper about Arina2high education in Japan. I also want to include information about Saitama University as an example of an outstanding educational institution in Japan. I noticed a great advantage of Saitama University: students and professors have such a warm relationship, so it feels like they are a family. Professors are willing to help their students and are glad to assist if any questions occurred. I want to become a part of Saitama University’s big family and try to do my best to get the opportunity of a one-year internship.
Thank you for this opportunity!