Santiago Montenegro Woodcock


My experience with the summer course of Saitama University


Santiago Montenegro Woodcock_photo

Santiago Montenegro Woodcock
Konrad Lorenz University Foundation, Colombia

Hi, my name is Santiago I’m a student of the program “Systems Engineering” from the University Foundation Konrad Lorenz Colombia, and I have participated in the “Summer Course” of the Saitama university in Japan, in this short essay I will talk about my experience with it, the reasons why I decided to participate in the course and some of the thing that I like about it.

Firstly, I will talk a bit of how I found the course and why I was interested to join it. Maybe the readers will say that is a bit silly, but I found the opportunity to join it by coincidence. By that time, I was already interested about the Japanese culture and the technological advances the country has, and in responds of that I also was looking forward to go to the country, so to check that goal I was looking forward to an opportunity in order to have an interaction with Japan, and suddenly near to the exchange office in the 6th floor of my university I found poster offering this summer course.

Moving on to the thing I liked about the course, we have that the teachers always respected the schedule of each session, explaining with success all the topics for the class taking account the questions and opinions the students propound about the topic. I would also like to highlight the class environment the teacher and all my partners created in class and out of it.

To end, it was a huge step for me joining this summer course because thanks to it, now I have learned more about the Japanese culture and the basics of his language, also giving me the opportunity to make contacts with some students of Saitama University and other parts of the word like Russia, as well as giving me more motivation to travel to Japan one day.